Sukanto Tanoto commits to sustainable palm oil practices through new palm oil alliance ‘SUSTAIN’

Sukanto Tanoto, Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), has adopted sustainable palm oil practices, through an important alliance formed in 2018. The alliance  includes these two companies managed by RGE⁠—Apical and Asian Agri, operating under the name ‘SUSTAIN’. The launch took place in Singapore.

Sustainability Assurance & Innovation Alliance (SUSTAIN) is a group of oil palm growers, palm oil processors, consumer goods manufacturers, not-for-profit organisations and technology leaders that initiated a blockchain solution. This solution was meant to increase  traceability in the production chain and help improve NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) compliance in the palm oil chain.

According to block is defined as follows: “Blockchain, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralisation and cryptographic hashing.”

Other companies present at the launch event were as follows: renewable diesel producer Neste, consumer goods manufacturer KAO, facilitation team CORE (Proforest and Daemeter), and technology partner SAP.

The goal of the alliance is to provide palm oil to individuals who are increasingly demanding vegetable oil. Palm oil will be demonstrated as the cheaper alternative.

“SUSTAIN is not about building another traceability data collection tool, analytics or dashboard. The key focus of SUSTAIN is to promote collaboration and align efforts in solving landscape-level issues by leveraging on technology to address shared challenges in the supply chain,” said Dato’ Yeo How, President of Apical Group. “We aim to work together with industry partners … Read More . . .

Sukanto Tanoto’s Foundation Continues To Encourage A Spirit Of Innovation With The Tanoto Student Research Award

According to the Forbes website, currently, Sukanto Tanoto’s wealth reaches USD 1.3 billion or around Rp 18.3 trillion. He is ranked the 25th richest person in the country. Two of the seven brothers dropped out of compilation school, recovering 17 years. The man born in Belawan, Medan, North Sumatra, December 25, 1949, replaced the head of the compilation family, Amin Tanoto, who died in 1967.

He continued his business in the field of parts and construction suppliers, named Toko Motor. Sukanto Tanoto is married to Tinah Binge. From this marriage, they have four children, namely Andre Tanoto, Imelda Tanoto, Belinda Tanoto, and Anderson Tanoto. His youngest son, Anderson, is currently elected by the leadership of Sukanto at the Royal Golden Eagle (formerly known as Raja Garuda Mas).

Various Business

Through the Royal Golden Eagle, Sukanto’s business expanded rapidly into various fields, such as plywood, paper, pulp, oil palm, and natural resources. Asian Agri is one of the largest palm oil producers in Asia. Forbes noted, Sukanto also owns Bracell Limited, which operates in Brazil. This company is the largest cellulose producer in the world. Cellulose is often used as a base for a variety of products, from baby wipes to ice cream.

However, the business does not always run smoothly. Asian Agri embezzlement case had made his name tainted. This case began with a report on avoidance of tax payments by 14 companies under the Asian Agri Group to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in 2006. The KPK then handed … Read More . . .