Summer is always a nostalgic time for me because it’s the time of year when we’d set off in the old family van and take a trip of at least 1,500 miles.  When Ugly Betty, our name for the old six-passenger van we’d had for years burned out a few years ago, we had to make other plans.  After searching for deals on Groupon, we bundled my elderly father up and placed him in the back of the van we pitched in and rented from Enterprise Rent a Car and took off for the family’s “home place” in the south.  Right away we were impressed with the smooth ride and comfortable seats.  We had plenty of music by simply casting our iPhone through the speakers, and the built-in navigation systems was light years better than old Betty ever had.

We made many stops along the way and lingered longer than usual at our favorite haunts.  First stop, Las Vegas, just to take a look at some of the new casinos and show our Daddy the city for the last time.  At 92, we knew he didn’t have long to live so we really took our time at each scenic stop.

I’d used Enterprise many times for personal and professional use, but adding the convenience of Groupon saved more money on this rental.  Whenever my car was in the shop, I could rely on them to pick me up and take me to the shop where my rental car would always be clean and ready.  Enterprise was always my first choice if an accident sidelined me until my vehicle was repaired.  And they always handled the claim in a fast and efficient manner.  Even when I had a little fender bender in one of their rental cars, I think it hurt the clerk who took my information more than it did me.

I thought about all this as we rolled across state after state.  Enterprise has 7,200 offices in 30 countries around the world.  It would take years to visit them all.  One thing for sure, I could count on the same great service in every location, and that was a comforting thought.  When we got to our final destination we cheered as Dad emerged from his “throne” in the very back seat.  It was the best Father’s Day we’d ever celebrated.