What Is an SEO Company?

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Before we go into detail about what an SEO company is, we must first define what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is the process of optimising websites to give them the best chance to of featuring in search engine listings. When someone types a word or ‘keyword’ into one of the search engines like Google or Bing, it triggers a list of results. Companies want their websites to feature in the listings for the keywords that relate to their business. For example, it would be completely unnecessary for a sandwich shop to feature in the listings when someone typed in ‘hairdressers south London’. SEO is the process of choosing the most relevant keywords for that particular business and then going through various processes to try and make the website rank well in the search engines for those keywords,

A lot of the time an SEO company does not stand on its own. Often it will be integrated with a web design company or even an entire digital marketing agency. This is because the services can work together to give online businesses everything they need from web design, SEO optimisation and if they are a fully integrated digital marketing agency, they’ll do PPC and social as well. This is beneficial as its means there is only one agency contact (and one bill) and also a complete strategy can be developed for a company’s entire online activity. Some web designers do not build a website with SEO in mind, so may not make it available for the website to be updated with meta information. SEO relies a lot on new content being generated and uploaded to the website regularly. If a website is not easily editable by the owner it can soon become expensive whenever you want to change a keyword in the page title or add a news story. A web design company that is working alongside an SEO company will ensure SEO optimisation will be easy and inexpensive for the website owner, as it is in their best interest to give the site every chance to rank well.

SEO companies are relatively new in the business world, and are not as glamorous as creative above the line agencies! However the work they do should not be ignored, especially given their intimate knowledge of the internet and how it works. Social media is becoming more and more widespread with the integration of Facebook across the World Wide Web. Having an SEO company working for you in these competitive and fast-paced times will help you get ahead of your competition and gain those valuable sales.