A website is a page that presents information in the form of writing, images, sounds, or videos placed on a server / hosting where internet access is needed. Websites are often also referred to as web, sites, sites or websites. A website that can be accessed on the internet requires two components that must exist, namely Domain and Hosting.

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The website can also be interpreted as a collection of pages on a domain on the internet that is made with a specific purpose and interconnected and can be accessed widely through the front page (home page) using a browser.

The website is likened to a store that will be created. After you have vacant land, of course the next step is to build a shop on it. To build a “shop” you certainly need experts, or build your own if you have the capability for that.

The domain is likened to the name of the store that you have built. Names are certainly needed so that your shop is easily recognized by people. In choosing a store name, you cannot use a pre-existing name. Example: You cannot use the tokoabadi.com domain if someone else has used it first.

Types of Website

    There are many types of websites that you can find, including:

  • Company Profile
  • Online store
  • Blog
  • Web Portal
  • Search Engine
  • Forum
  • Social media
  • Catalog
  • Etc

The development of internet technology and the use of the internet for various needs, new types of websites continue to emerge such as Media Sharing (Youtube, Imageshack), Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox), Web Application, etc.

But in this article, we will focus on discussing the most common types of websites, Blog.

What is a Blog?

Blogs actually come from the word Weblog which is a combination of two words Web and Log, the word Web referred to here is a Web page and log means a note.

So, Blog is a website that contains notes, articles, articles, and other useful information that is regularly updated.

Why do you need to build a Blog?

In the world of internet marketing, Blogs are one way you bring in prospects or potential customers. Through Blogs you can convey various information related to you owning goods and services. You can also build your company and personal branding.

Whether you are a book writer, speaker or motivator, insurance agent, MLM member, travel and travel services, etc. You can use Blogs to build branding while bringing new potential customers.

Through blogs, you can also offer services to blog visitors, such as website creation services, graphic design, article creation. In this case, Scottsdale SEO Company LinkHelpers offers services that help these aspects for webmasters.

In general, there are two types of goals why people make websites, the first because they like to write and the second for getting money. If you have a second goal, which is to get money, make sure to focus on the content that you will make.

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge related to web hosting, internet marketing and other things.