A professional copywriter doesn’t just turn up at the page and start writing. First they take time to make sure the brief accurately matches your requirements. They may make recommendations as to how you can change the brief to make it more effective. Often that can save you money or lead to a more productive outcome for your business.

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Whether they’re writing a high-gloss brochure or seo north lakes copywriting for your website, they should spend time getting to know you, your company and your customers. Depending on the size of the job they may even visit you in person to get a feel for what your business is really like. They will be asking lots of awkward questions but don’t worry: they’re on your side.

Before setting pen to paper, your copywriter will also visit competitors’ websites or even ask the competition for brochures or other printed matter to see where you are positioned in marketplace.

All of that takes time and time, as we know from the movies, is money.

Creating good copy isn’t just about putting words on a page. It’s about forming a real understanding of your sector, your business, your products and services and your customers and distilling that down into a concise communication that will generate sales for you.

You wouldn’t let a salesman who knew nothing about your company start talking to your customers would you? Just think of the damage they could cause to your reputation.

In the case of copywriters, it’s even more important that they spend time getting to know you before they start trying to sell your product or services. After all, they will be communicating with not just one customer at a time, but ALL your customers past, present and future.

All this might just sound like a professional copywriter trying to justify his fees. If you think that, you’re right. Not only is it important for copywriting clients to understand what they are paying for and to realise that, while it’s possible to write 500 words on a particular subject in an hour or even less, it’s never desirable that you apply that approach to customer-facing communication.

When it comes to copywriting – whatever kind of copywriting it is – you should expect research to be part of the writing process and hence part of the fee. Give your copywriter the time to do the job properly and you are more likely to get a good result. And a good result in turn is likely to lead to more business and can pay for itself many times over.